2.13″ Slim series electronic shelf label

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Model YAS213 is a 2.13-inch electronic display device that can be placed on the wall which replace the traditional paper label. The E-paper display technology boasts  a high contrast ratio, makes superior viewing angle at nearly 180°. Each device is connected to the 2.4Ghz base station through wireless network. The changes or configuration of the image on the device can be configured via software and transmitted to the base station then to the label. The latest display content can be updated on the screen in real time basis efficiently and spontaneously.

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    Key Features

     Advanced Battery Saving Chipset Only Available in Texas Instrument; Low Consumption

        E-Ink Display and Available Up to Three Colours B/W/R  or B/W/R

        Wireless 2-way Communication Between Your System and The Display

        Multi-language Enabled, Able to Show Complex Information

        Customizable Layout and Content

        LED Flashing for Indicator remind

        Supported by Table Top with Adapter

        Easy to Install, Integrate and Maintain

    Key Features

    EATACCN cloud centralized control platform to update and design the template of labels,support schedule setting,bulk change,and the POS/ERP connected by API.
    Our wireless protocol uses less energy because of its time intelligent and leverages the ESL infrastructure key component of the connected store enabling retailers to connect directly with their customers at the point of decision. Our  Electronic Shelf Labels are available with LED or without LED.

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    LITE SERIES 2.9” Label


    Screen Size 2.13inch
    Weight 32 g
    Appearance Frame Shield
    Chipset Texas Instrument
    Material ABS
    Total Dimension 71*34.5*11.2/2.79*1.36*0.44 inch
    Operating Temperature 0-40°C
    Battery Life Time 5-10 years (2-4 updates per day)
    Battery CR2450*2ea (Replaceable Batteries)
    Power 0.1W

    *Battery life time dependent on the frequency of updates

    Display Area 48x23.1mm/2.13inch
    Display Colour Black & White & Red / Black & White & Yellow
    Display Mode Dot Matrix Display
    Resolution 250 × 122 pixel
    DPI 183
    Water Proof IP54
    LED Light 7 colors LED
    Viewing Angle > 170°
    Time of Refresh 16 s
    Power Consumption of Refresh 8 mA
    Language Multi-Language Available


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    Product Advantage

    Better customer experience

    The most successful retailers know that delivering an exceptional customer experience is key to driving sales and building brand loyalty. Electronic shelf labels play a vital role in this by improving the customer experience in several ways. For example, customers can easily read pricing and product details, which can help them make informed purchasing decisions. In addition, electronic shelf labels can provide valuable product information, such as availability, ingredients, and nutritional information, helping customers make informed purchasing choices.

    Cost saving

    Electronic shelf labels can also provide significant cost savings in the long run. Since the labels are automated, they require less labor than traditional paper labels. This means retailers can save on labor costs while reducing the waste associated with paper labels. In addition, electronic shelf labels provide accurate pricing, which can reduce the possibility of losses due to pricing errors.

    Greater flexibility

    Another major advantage of electronic shelf labels is the flexibility they offer. Retailers can easily change prices or product information as needed, which is especially useful during peak season or holiday sales. This capability enables retailers to respond more quickly to market conditions, increasing sales and profits.

    Maintenance and Maintenance

    Maintaining electronic shelf labels is critical to ensuring their accuracy and reliability. ESLs are highly sensitive and require proper care and handling to ensure they function properly. Routine maintenance tasks include cleaning the monitor and making sure the power supply is working properly. ESLs are prone to scratches, which can impair the functionality of the display, so it's important to handle them with care.

    Software must be updated regularly to ensure that displays accurately reflect pricing information and stock levels. The software also controls other important functions, such as the timing of price changes, so keeping it up to date is crucial.

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